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Australia-Wide Delivery Now Available for Timber Slabs
Australia-Wide Delivery Now Available for Timber Slabs

Our Furniture Process

Timber slabs are like a fingerprint, no two pieces are the same and we believe this to be true with our customers as well. For this reason, all of our furniture is custom made and handcrafted to suit your lifestyle. We pride ourselves on using our own kiln-dried, high quality timbers and materials in order to make a centrepiece for your home that can last for generations.

We specialise in custom furniture and would be delighted to make your dream design come to life!

If you are feeling adventurous we also sell kiln-dried and flattened timber slabs that you can finish yourself; we are experts in this area and can answer all of your questions along the way!

If you would like us to stop at a particular step and allow you to finish the rest yourself, just let us know in the quote form.

Step #1 - Flattening: We machine both sides of the timber slab flat to give a uniform surface to begin epoxy work.

Step #2 - Cleaning: We clean all the voids and cracks in the slab to ensure a strong epoxy bond to the timber.

Step #3 - Taping: For smaller voids we use a special aluminium tape to seal the bottom of the slab or for big voids or epoxy river tables we make a custom mold to ensure the resin does not leak.

Step #4 - Epoxy: Using a high quality Australian-made deep cast epoxy ‘Luci-Clear’, we calculate how much is needed and mix it thoroughly, adding pigments and colors if desired. The resin is added to the voids and topped up as required before popping any residual bubbles. 

Step #5 - Re-flattening: After 5 days have passed the resin can be re-machined flush with the rest of the timber. It is often the case that small voids or gum veins in the timber may be found at this stage so we fill these with a color matched CA glue.

Step #6 - Sanding: The slab is then sanded to a fine grit on all surfaces and the sharp edges are rounded to our customers specifications to make the piece more user friendly and safe.

Step #7 - Finishing: The slab is then finished on all surfaces with 2-3 coats of our customers desired finish to help it stand up to the use of everyday life.

We offer a range of finishes including our most popular Osmo natural hardwax oil which is a food safe grade finish that maintains the natural look and feel of the timber. We also offer polyurethane finishes where excessive moisture will be encountered or if a higher gloss finish is desirable.