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Australia-Wide Delivery Now Available for Timber Slabs
Australia-Wide Delivery Now Available for Timber Slabs

Our Drying Process

Sourcing the Timber

We work with local arborists to recycle trees that are being removed from urban environments everyday to stop them being turned into waste.

 These trees are often centuries old and we believe their legacy shouldn’t stop here as firewood. We believe we give the trees a second chance at life through the use of live edge timber slabs in our custom furniture.

Milling the Slabs

Once transported back to our log yard, we clean and seal the ends of the logs to prevent checking and let the logs sit for 12+ months to reduce splitting. The logs are orientated in the mill to reduce wastage and are then cut into flat slabs
usually 55mm or 60mm thick. 
The fresh cut slabs are then stacked back in log formation and spaced out with small lengths of timber called ‘stickers’ allowing them to dry at the appropriate rate.

Drying the slabs

The slabs are moved to air dry undercover for 12-18 months out of the elements to stop them drying too quickly and causing defects. Using the air dried timber slabs at this step would be catastrophic as the moisture content of the timber will be too high and the slabs will buckle, warp and crack if made into furniture at this point. 
Our slabs are then moved into our dehumidification kiln for 6-12 weeks to complete the final drying to the appropriate moisture content for use as furniture. At the end of this process the kiln temperature is elevated for 3 days to sterilize the timber and kill any potential bugs hiding inside.
It is through this tried and tested process that we can be sure we are providing customers with only the highest quality timber slabs.